Why Perdita

Why Perdita. I’d like to think it’s pretentious with maybe just a bit of self aware procrastination. Probably just exceedingly pretentious.  I’ve decided to start writing and you, you poor, poor bastard for some reason are reading this too.

I recently decided to leave my hobby. Model making turns out to be harder habit to quit than actual drugs (true story) and turns out probably just as prohibitively expensive. I started to realise it was holding me back from what I actually wanted to do, write. For better or most likely worse. I started looking at friends and their hobbies like music and I resented their enjoyment of it, which is always a sign there is something wrong, so I decided to ditch the models, which will take all of this and next year to get out of the house.

Ultimately I wanted to re-think my life. I’ve been married two weeks, I have two children and maybe it was just time to let go of my last childish escape. it dominate an inordinate amount of my thinking time, I’d lose sleep over projects that I’d imagine and plan out and never do, but would buy all the materials. All it left me with were a few wonderfully painted models and a room full of shit, full of unfulfilled ideas and stories I should have been writing down.

Ever since I was little I wanted to writes stories, so I’ll do what any good millennial would do and publicly diarise my innermost thoughts in the hope of finally understanding what the fuck I’m doing.

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